Usas & VKiller on dsk

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Por djh1697

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19-10-2011, 14:01

I got my VG8235/00 from my attic and a lot of discs don't load anymore. I had Usas and Vampire Killer on disc and was able to play them years ago, but now they don't load anymore. The past 3 hours I've tried downloading .DSK images and writing them to a floppy, but the MSX hangs or resets. Also tried holding down CTRL while booting, but that also doesn't work Crying
Also tried loadrom but it hangs also.

You need to format the disk on your MSX first, does that solve the issue?

Por Caramba

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19-10-2011, 19:51

I formatted the disks in the MSX. But I found my problem, it's a VG8235/00 and it is unable to run megaroms from disk due to a small hardware bug. I also have a VG8235/20 and it load's usas and vampire killer perfectly!! Only the display is all blue and has a red glow to the right. I'm trying to see if I can make 1 good MSX from these 2.

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