[Looking for] 4x FS-A1 keyboard's springs

Por Sebbeug

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07-07-2022, 10:47

i'm actually fixing a "junk" FS-A1... I need 4 springs for keyboard which are missing...
If anyone can help me.

Thanks Wink

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Por Juanmi

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07-07-2022, 11:29

Maybe you can buy them HERE or on another website and then cut them to the size of the original.

Also the springs inside the ballpen may be useful

Por Sebbeug

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08-07-2022, 18:10

Thanks Juanmi Wink

I destroyed all my ballpen but it's not the correct size Smile

Por sdsnatcher73

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08-07-2022, 19:27

Do you have a VG8020? Can you try if those springs work? If so I can send you 4 springs.

Por Sebbeug

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09-07-2022, 17:36

oh thx. I will check with friend's one Smile
i will contact you if it feats