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Por Retrofan

Paragon (1339)

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31-07-2022, 11:30

Parn wrote:

I recently found out Furnace, which was originally an open source DefleMask clone but aims to support many more sound chips in a more flexible way. Its development version already supports the OPL family up to OPL3, and MSX-AUDIO and SCC are in the works. It already supports many of the sound chips available on MSX, including Darky's EPSG and SFG's OPM.

Great tracker! And will there also be a possibility to load/wave MoonBlaster files in Furnance? That would be cool as well!
Found this as well:

Por Parn

Paladin (837)

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31-07-2022, 17:21

They still don't support OPL4 but I think that would be a pretty cool feature. It would also be nice if Furnace could import MoonBlaster Stereo music as well.

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