Building fusion-c lib file

Por Paulo Garcia

Rookie (18)

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22-03-2022, 18:51


although I know the source code is in the bundle we download, I couldn't find the toolchain to build fusion-c itself and create the fusion.lib. I see the github project is exactly what the .ZIP file contains so I wonder if there is another repository where the development is actually maintained?



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Por aoineko

Paladin (689)

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23-03-2022, 00:16

Don't you have a _build_lib script in your \Fusion-C\Working Folder\fusion-c\source\lib\ folder?


Por Paulo Garcia

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23-03-2022, 02:39

Thanks aoineko, I completely missed that. I was looking for makefiles..



Por ericb59

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23-03-2022, 10:04

I couldn't have given a better answer than Aoineko's