Is somebody in NL willing to repair my MSX Turbo R ST?

Por Sama

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14-03-2022, 12:56

For over ten years, my MSX Turbo R has been eating dust under my TV cabinet. Recently, I decided to get it up and running again. Cleaned it and connected it, to find out it still works. But, there are some problems.

The main problem is that the disk drive doesn't function anymore. I tried replacing the drive belt, but unfortunately this didn't solve the problem. It gives a "Disk offline" error (and a lot of noise by the way, if it tries to read the disk).

Apart from that, some keys seem to be less sensitive and the cartridge connectors probably are a bit dirty, because sometimes cartridges won't boot properly or are not recognized at all.

I don't have any technical knowledge and don't know how to repair these things. Is there anyone in The Netherlands who could help me solve these problems?

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Por wolf_

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14-03-2022, 12:57


Por The Apeman

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14-03-2022, 12:59

Alternatively, Tristan Zondag, and the Home Computer Museum in Helmond also does repairs.

Por Sama

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14-03-2022, 13:12

I already had contact with Repair-bas, but he wasn't up for it. He could sell me a substitute disk drive, but would not do the replacement. Repair-bas also mentioned Tristan, but I wouldn't know how to contact him. Do you have his mail address and if so, could you send me a PM?

Por meits

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14-03-2022, 14:37

i passed him the link to this thread.

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14-03-2022, 15:18


Por Omega

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14-03-2022, 20:36

Send me an email (find it in my user profile).