ArcadeR Joystick and MSX

Por retro69

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05-12-2021, 17:28

Hi, just in case someone else wants to use RetroRadionics ArcadeR joystick on the MSX.
To configure the joystick for the MSX you will need to reconnect the 9 pin connector inside the joystick to the port "VCC on 5" on the circuit board. This works with revision 15c of the joystick. For revision 15b you will need to follow the respective procedure for swapping pins 5 and 7 in the manual which can be found here:
Unfortunately the manual is a bit hard to find on the internet and it does not explain fully the background for this change. Without this modification the autofire and the secondary fire button will not work on the MSX.
I am now enjoying fantastic football and Westen House using the secondary button.

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Por JssCapelo

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21-03-2023, 21:07

Then it works with Nemesis? the button B is the same that "m"?