OpenMSX debugger sync

Por jepmsx

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27-09-2021, 12:49


I'm trying the openMSX debugger to check some routines in MSX.

I have run the MSX emulator and then I have connected the debugger to that session. But for example, I do a poke and peek in basic and the debugger does not change the value in the code view section or in the Main memory address.

If I rewrite the address again in the Main memory section, it refreshes the value; and if I disconnect the session and reconnect it again the code view is also refreshed. Is this the normal behaviour?

I'm using the git version of the openMSX debugger (0.10.0-320-g1bac8ea)

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Por santiontanon

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27-09-2021, 15:12

Hi jepmsx, the debugger does not sync constantly since it would be a big mess haha (imagine the values of memory constantly changing). The easiest way to force it to sync is to press the "break" button, which pauses the emulation and shows you where the current execution point is. This also refreshes the content of memory (you'll see the things that changed since the last refresh highlighted in red color). Once you are in "break" mode, you can step through the execution step by step, like in any debugger, and every step will also force a refresh of the memory contents.

Por jepmsx

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27-09-2021, 16:25

Oh, I see.
Thanks a lot for the explanation. Now I will use it in the right way.

Thanks again Smile