Sony HB-F700D signal loss

Por FloriFuxx

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11-09-2021, 12:11

Hi everybody,

I hope anyone has a little hint for me. Today after a longer time, I wanted to set up my good old Sony HB-F700D again and for good now. I connected it via RGB->SCART cable to my old plasma TV and switched it on and tadaa, all working perfectly and suddenly I was 11 years old again! But then after a few minutes, TV said "No signal" and all was black and again I was 46 with almost bald head Sad I checked the cable but it looks fine for me... I tried to connect the MSX to another TV, and it shows an MSX-blue background, but otherwise no text whatsoever.
The MSX however appears to be operational. It tries to access the floppy drive after switching it on. The Caps-Lock key LED goes on and off. I hear clicking sounds coming from the speakers when pressing keys. Inserting a game cartridge, I see no image but I hear the music coming from the speakers.

I sincerely hope that only my RGB->SCART cable is broken. The cable (not the MSX!) spent a few years in the attic where it was probably exposed to summer-heat and winter-cold. Sadly I don't have another cable for testing, and sadly 2.0 my MSX2 here does not have a TV or SCART connector. So my first idea was to order a new cable. Am I on the right path, or could the problem be more complex than this? It will take a couple weeks for the cable to arrive and the idea drives me nuts that something could be wrong with my beloved computer. If there is anything else that I could check in the meanwhile, please let me know.

msxy regards

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Por sdsnatcher73

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11-09-2021, 12:42

Well for the most the MSX seems to be still fine. RGB output usually does not fail on these models AFAIK. So most likely it is indeed the cable or a video encoder chip (not the VDP itself rhough). Unfortunately the HB-F700D has this weird A/V connector so you’ll need a cable for that as well. Only RF output is something you can test (I suppose the plasma still has an analog UHF/VHF tuner). Big smile

Por FloriFuxx

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11-09-2021, 13:26

Alrighty, thank you for the reply, sdsnatcher73. The cable that I found on ebay looks like the one that I've been using so far, so hopefully it'll do the trick =)
Happy MSXing!