Tako and Ika 3 Translation

Tako and Ika 3 Translation

por ro en 15-09-2021, 19:59
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From the MSX FAN magazine, the game タコ とイ カ 3, or "Tako and Iko 3", has been translated from Japanese texts to English by MSXtranslations. The translation is available as a patch

Tako and Ika 3 translates to "Octo and Squids 3" in English, a fast paced action puzzler. Here you play with an octopus as its main protagonist. You mission is to clear the castle, all the while keeping out of the squids' clutches. And you can even create extra levels for it with the built in editor. A game for MSX2 with 128 KB VRAM or later generations, with PSG music.

The game has recently been translated to English by translators MSX Translations. List of changes:

  • Full translation and optimization of all texts in the game.
  • Translation of title screen and title animation
  • Level data translated where applicable

As an extra, 16 new levels were created for this game as well to enter the MSX-LevelEditor compo. Even more levels can be found for this game in the user level archive.

This little gem can be found on MSX FAN July 1992, DISK#10 as the file "d-bumon.lzh". Unpack, and run"takoika3.fd7" to enjoy. Dive in, patch, and get your tentacles onto a nice action puzzler.

Relevant link: MSX Translations Tako and Ika 3

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Por QBee Sam

Master (253)

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16-09-2021, 18:34

Thank you, is a great game! and the new patch is a goog excuse to play it again LOL!

Por foody

Master (253)

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17-09-2021, 05:59

is it available in file-hunter?

Por tfh

Prophet (2973)

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17-09-2021, 11:08

foody wrote:

is it available in file-hunter?

Of course ;-)