512Kb Ese-SCC cartridge for sale

Por Ivan

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13-04-2003, 03:44


I sell a Ese-SCC cartridge with 512Kb of SRAM.

An Ese-SCC is a modified Konami cartridge that lets you load in it any kind of MSX ROM file downloaded from the Internet. If the ROM file is from a Konami cartridge with SCC you will hear SCC sound!

For instance you can play the english version of Metal Gear 2 (with SCC sound) using this cartridge.

It works perfectly but it only preserves the RAM contents for a very short period of time after you turn off your MSX and remove the cartridge from the computer (it has this behaviour since I got it from Japan).

If you are interested in it make me an offer, my e-mail is: ivalat@arrakis.es

P.S: I'm selling it because I've just got another cartridge with the same functionality.

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Por Ivan

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14-04-2003, 19:06

Sold out.

Por anonymous

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14-04-2003, 19:13

Wow, that's fast Smile