Announcement: streaming multi-player Maze of Galious on Twitch this Sunday

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Por Bas Wijnen

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24-06-2021, 01:00

For games which are meant to be multi-player, a different approach would probably work better. having it run on one machine and using input from the other while also streaming to it seems the most logical. My goal was to get interaction on games which aren't meant to be multi player. ;-) Although if your bandwidth is limited, they may still work better than streaming. But it would probably need to be written in a compiled language at the very least.

Different sync strategies are certainly possible. This is just a first version which isn't very smart about anything; it just keeps all the requested memory in sync at all times. If you want to have more strategies, there's also a higher chance of breaking the game of course. After all, I am changing the machine's memory where the game doesn't expect that to be possible.

Por norakomi

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24-06-2021, 09:59

Could we have like a multiplayer game event every sunday evening or so ?

I would love to play some Quarth, Salamander, Runemaster (with 4 people yeah !) etc etc online with folks !!

And eventually it would be cool to develop something especially for this.

Por Randam

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24-06-2021, 21:35

that is a very nice idea! I really miss playing multiplayer msx with people. So that would be a great idea!

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