Kryoflux - Has anyone used one?

Por BitSquad

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08-06-2021, 18:14

I purchased a Kryoflux board with the hopes of having a simple all-in-one solution to dump write-protected floppies. Has anyone used this device for MSX yet? I have set it up and got the CLI to run but I haven't executed any copies yet.

After ripping, I think the second hurdle is going to be converting to a DMK file, and I'm not sure if that's going to be straightforward.

It might take a little work to figure out, but I think it will be useful for people who don't have a non-Panasonic MSX, and potentially for shipping to people if necessary.

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Por Manuel

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08-06-2021, 19:16

I'm very interested in the results!

Por hamlet

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08-06-2021, 19:49

Didn't Louthrax bought one a while ago?

Por bsittler

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09-06-2021, 06:30

I am also interested to read how it goes for you. I have one too but haven't tried it on MSX floppies yet.

Por BitSquad

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09-06-2021, 20:15

I heard the way to go if the write-protection scheme is unknown is a raw rip and then convert to DMK via HxC tool.

Does anyone happen to know for certain if Ultima IV has copy protection? I just want to confirm the operation with a less rare disk first due to my paranoia. If I can get it to work for IV then I can probably get it to work for III as well.

BTW, I have confirmed that the disk boots. That's good news: Ultima III FD version boot sequence on Youtube

Hoping to have a little extra time tonight to try a disk rip.