[WTS] Panasonic FS-IFA1 + Panasonic FW-RSU1W combo

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05-05-2021, 10:03

I have this nice set, both items like new

More photos here

FS-IFA1 have first floppy disk unreadable, but luckily the scanner software is on second disk. I was able to scan images (even though Japanese language make this process a lot of trial and error and some google-translate with handwriting tool)

A little story behind - i bought FW-RSU1W because i was very curious about it and then after i received it - i realized that it requires special cartridge. So i was hunting the FS-IFA1 for a while to complete the set, and was lucky to buy one in equally good condition - almost perfect, no big scratches and no obvious signs of use, complete in box. Only the box of FS-IFA1 is little bit weared, everything else is in really good condition, i'd say it was barely used/

I have fulfilled my curiousity about the scanner but the need for buying an additional interface to operate make it too expensive for me to keep it for myself. I will accept offers, starting from 203 EUR (that is the exact amount of money including shipping and customs fees i spent to bring this set here, so i can't go lower). Maybe trade offers too, but i will prioritize over selling meanwhile

Any questions welcome. My email is os on my profile page

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24-05-2021, 21:06

available Smile

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26-05-2021, 21:54


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26-05-2021, 22:25

Good !

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28-05-2021, 19:14

Very good Wink