[WTB / WTT] Philips Music module NMS 1205

Por Soft Automaton

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07-04-2021, 21:52

Hi everyone

I'm looking for one of these music modules. If you have one, pls message.


I added the trade option since I have some Yamaha YRM cartridges and a few adapters. I also have unrelated stuff like synths, synth parts, etc.

Thank you!

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Por sdsnatcher73

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08-05-2021, 07:36

I have one for you. I also have bare boards for upgrade to MSX-Audio 1.3 with 256kB sample RAM (from FRS and MSX-PRO). You can find my e-mail address on my profile page to get in touch.

Por Pencioner

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08-05-2021, 19:48

I have one already upgraded to 256K for sale, sent you an email

UPD: sorry, it is no more available, i think @sdsnatcher73 will be happy to sell you another one Smile

Por Soft Automaton

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11-05-2021, 14:15

Sorry I missed your email @Pencioner

@sdsnatcher73 - Not sure I can afford your price. It's about double of what I've seen everywhere else. I will PM anyway but as of this wirting - still looking! Smile

Por andallaco

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12-05-2021, 10:05

good morning,
can an additional FM PACK cartridge be useful in my PhilipsMSX2 NMS8280 to correct audio problems and have better sound with games?

Por MajorTOM

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17-05-2021, 20:55

Hi andallaco, since the sound problems of the NMS 8250/80 are related to the internal mixer , I think the final solution it’s to use an external output sound mixer.

I would strongly recommend the Carnivore 2 that features a built-in the cartridge external mini jack so you may by-pass your computer

Hope this helps !