The easy way to install OpenMSX in GNU/Linux

Por cpcbegin

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11-03-2021, 22:32

Now, you can install OpenMSX with RetroMultiInstaller, and with a shortcut in a new category Emulators in GNU/Linux menu.

You can also install castools and other stuff for emulation and programming.

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Por Manuel

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11-03-2021, 23:43

Nice! However, I would recommend you to first just use the package for your distro to install openMSX. That is always best supported by your distro and is how things were meant to be.
Of course everyone is free to divert from that.

Por jepmsx

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12-03-2021, 11:01

I didn't know of RetromultiInstaller, it has many scripts for installing emulators. Thanks for sharing.
If these scripts don't work for you or there aren't packages for your distro, there is also a flatpack package of openmsx ( and if nothing of it works, you can compile it. It isn't hard and you can aks help in forum (thanks Manuel for helping me)