Jumping Llama: Open for reservation

por Oniric-Factor en 02-03-2021, 19:32
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Oniric Factor is happy to announce that their new Game "Jumping Llama" can be reserved from now until March 15th
As usual, this reservation period for the first batch of cartridges is carried out to obtain the necessary financing to be able to create the physical copies of the game and maintain an essential msx shop stock.

Jumping Llama comes as a 32Kb rom cartridge with full color box and manual. It runs on MSX1 compatible computers and uses improved colors on MSX2 and newer machines. Playable with keyboard or joystick.

Jumping Llama costs 28€ excluding shipping expenses. More information about this new game can be found on the Oniric Factor web site. To purchase the game, just follow the instructions in Oniric's Factor eShop.
or, send an e-mail to:

Relevant link:
You can watch the trailer and some Gameplay at the Oniric Factor YT Channel.

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Por andongniao_vnb

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08-04-2021, 14:23

Very enjoyable and fun game to the little human beings... offer to their GROWN UP parents! Cool Wink