Need some opinions.

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Por Daemos

Prophet (2051)

Imagen del Daemos

21-02-2021, 15:19

Quality over quantity. If I make any of these I will make them good. If its not fun to play it will have me in trouble as well. I make these games because I like to do it. I hate my creations but I love making them. Do not worry even if the creations I make suck there is so much more released. How many songs I have written that I don't like. Its always great in the mind and on paper but not as intended in practice.

When I make a choice I will offcourse discuss about ideas. But for now it is just finding out what you all like most because lets be honest. Followers and positive feedback makes creating stuff alot more fun so if a shooter is on 80% of everyones wish list it will be more fun for all of us if I keep posting updates about a shooter.

And besides I first have to finish something else im talking about next winter here.

Por Manuel

Ascended (19300)

Imagen del Manuel

21-02-2021, 17:37

All sound good to me. But the shooter maybe a bit less. We already have so many good shooters. The amount of good MSX2 (or beyond) platformers is a lot less!

Por RCastillo

Resident (45)

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21-02-2021, 20:01


Por ro

Scribe (4914)

Imagen del ro

22-02-2021, 11:27

Hai Daemos,

I'm totally with you on Quality over Quantity. And for MSX, I don't think we deal in Quantity anymore Smile
Sounds like you have a busy mind, working over-time with ideas. I can relate. It is so much fun to think about a project. Getting started and actually making ideas come alive is another awesome moment.

Hope you're getting shit done. That's all. I love everything MSX related, so get coding, get crazy and above all SWING!

Por ren

Paragon (1932)

Imagen del ren

22-02-2021, 14:52

Aftermath sounds like a winner already.
Kanshiru: description (smooth motion, grabbing, sliding etc.) sounds pretty enticing.. Has such platforming action you're thinking about ever been executed (successfully) before on MSX? (we've al seen the Lux demo of course.. @geijoenr is looking into PoP?)

Never got into Com. Keen.. and yeah, I'm sorry for Kitty :)

Thinking about the goold old DOS age platforming however... Flashback (BlackThorne perhaps) comes to mind. Something akin to that, pretty cool :) A while ago I also had some fun with Elevator Action Returns (classy soundtrack as well) :)

(Sounds like you're having a healthy relationship with your productions.. ;))

Por QBee Sam

Champion (282)

Imagen del QBee Sam

22-02-2021, 20:58

Aftermath for me, it's time to defeat Aleste 2 Wink

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

Imagen del Randam

22-02-2021, 21:26

Aftermath sounds nice, but there are already a lot of good shooters for msx. Still would like more.

Kitty sounds like a great game. Especially if you are making it with your girlfriend. Then you can share your hobby with her. And I am sure that it could have great gameplay. If you make it something you can play with 2 players coop, then you have a very unique game indeed.

Kanshiru description about smooth motion, grabbing, sliding etc gives me an indiana jones type atmosphere... If you can bring that across that is a winner for sure. Sliding, grabbing mechanics etc are not something that something that is done much.

Commander Keen could be nice. It is different from msx games. Could be interesting to have a game like that.

Por ray2day

Paladin (730)

Imagen del ray2day

22-02-2021, 22:02

Aleste (definitely)
but first finnish...

Por valkyre

Hero (646)

Imagen del valkyre

22-02-2021, 22:23

Aftermath and kanshiru, in any order!

Por erpirao

Paragon (1313)

Imagen del erpirao

22-02-2021, 23:38

I know what abuse is, but
Can you put a video of any (any) of the projects?

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