Exploring the SVI 328 games library

Por llopis

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04-02-2021, 16:18

I just released a video with a pretty in-depth look at the SVI 328, its games library, and what made it different from MSX computers (and how to overcome it). Hope you enjoy it!

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Por Metalion

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04-02-2021, 17:37

Very nice video ...

The SV-328 was my first computer. At the time, I fell line, hook and sinker for the false advertisement made by Spectravideo that the computer was MSX compatible. Bought for 600 euros at the time (roughly the double in today's money - all my savings from several christmases and birthdays), I was really angry when I found out.

My parents had a lawyer friend write a letter of complaint to the importer, and they exchanged it a few months later for a Daewoo DPC-200, a real MSX this time.

Por rzookol

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07-02-2021, 23:21

Could sofarun be expanded to patch ports and support svi328 roms?