What would you like to find in a sequel of The Maze of Galious.

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Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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03-01-2021, 13:56

I never really cared for MoG, tbh. I was more the VK/Usas-guy, and I didn't like the semi transparent MoG sprites. MoG is more like a maze-game while VK and Usas have a more clearly defined path to follow. It's probably also easier to play Usas compared to MoG. So, as far as it's relevant, a new MoG could perhaps start easier and give you an objective of what to do, rather than just forcing you to wander around in search of an objective.

One thing that annoys me in general in tough maze games is that I'm forced to spend more time killing the same guys again, screen after screen, even when going back, than exploring what to do. This pulls me out of the objective and strategic flow. While a PC-game, I'd like to mention Diablo 2, where enemies are really dead once you killed them. At some point you can just run through a level, unhindered by tons o' enemies slowing you down.

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Por Daemos

Prophet (2168)

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03-01-2021, 13:57

Here is just a brainstorm.

What do all platformers usually lack? Physics. The very smooth feeling of jumping ducking, pushing go so on and go so on. All platformers on MSX feel a little stiff. Having smooth controls and jumps would make any game so much more fun to play. Yes I know. MOG is not about that but imagine having a remake of a already awesome game with that added as extra flavour to it.

Por Manuel

Ascended (19677)

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03-01-2021, 14:03

IMHO: One of the great things about MoG is the fantastic control you have on the player character.

Also, don't listen to wolf, he has no passion for this game Tongue

Por ren

Paragon (1947)

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03-01-2021, 14:28

@Daemos: have you seen the Lux prototype footage? :)

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

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03-01-2021, 14:31

Wow first off: wow!! This is one of the sequels I always wanted and dreamed of. The specs you describe sound great. MOG is one of my favorite msx games.

I'll chime in with some ideas:
- first and foremost like TFH has said: level editor!!! I have wanted to be able to create a new castle for so long that would be amazing.
- I agree with sd_snatcher that just 1 key could get easy. But farming could be annoying, so perhaps have different types of keys (color, shape, whatever)
- maybe randomize where the crystals of the tombstones are, so you will always have to look (so that you can't do that on autopilot like in Maze of Galious).
- Please do SCC; been waiting for an scc rendition of MOG songs in the game since that first demo of fuzzy logic where I heard one and would be ashame if the sequel didn't have scc
- new layout of the castle in which you can "get lost" (so not too linear)
- Some more RPG influences like Ro says (more story, some NPC's/ quests, have the gods come back and have a roll like in greek mythology and this franchise).
- If you die, have the other player have to do something difficult having to save him from the underworld, instead of easily buy it off
- having switches and a few la mulana type puzzles
- 2 cartridge combos with knightmare, maze of galious and shalom
- Pampers + Selene needing to do something at the same time (2 player elements would be awesome; coop play mode for full game amazing)
- Do things that would trip you up if you have played Maze of Galious (for instance those flags in MOG do nothing, so let them do something here, or a similar layout in Maze of Galious somewhere that led you down a trap instead of a treasure)
- Make the descriptions of items not obvious what items do. That was part of the charm of MOG
- Let magnification glass also help with some clues (ruins, inscription in items, whatnot)
- Maybe some small bits outside of the castle like a village and stuff

Whatever you may do, this game is gonna be awesome; I just know it.

Por Daemos

Prophet (2168)

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03-01-2021, 14:37


@Daemos: have you seen the Lux prototype footage? Smile

Seen it now. Looks very very very good. How did you do the spritehiding? With another sprite?

Por ren

Paragon (1947)

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03-01-2021, 14:40

Por tfh

Prophet (3425)

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03-01-2021, 14:43

And maybe like a flashback level, completely MoG style, with the old tiles, sprites and PSG tune as a bonus level?
And boobs of course...


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Mine's on the 45

Por Pencioner

Scribe (1609)

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03-01-2021, 15:20

Randam wrote:

- Pampers + Selene needing to do something .......

Pampers? ROFL

Por ren

Paragon (1947)

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03-01-2021, 15:47

Perhaps Randam's mind is preoccupied by kids matters? Smile

Btw, from the website:


Pampas and Selene, sons of Popolon and Aphrodite

Selene == girl right? Wink

Oh yeah, the single key matter: doesn't seem that interesting to me either (why bother with doors then). So yeah, something like colored keys (4?) seems more interesting. (The door should make it obvious which key is needed, so no chore stuff like in Metal Gear, and it might simply open once you have the right key in possession).

Music: if you manage to create quality PSG tunes (think Ushas), then SCC is secondary I suppose Smile OTOH: there are enough skilled SCC composers/arrangers in the community, there's no excuse not to go for SCC I think.

(The MSX2 remake gets the SCC treatment as well I believe?)

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