Basic'N (alias Basic Kun) compiler 2.1 added to msxsyssrc project

Por zeilemaker54

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29-11-2020, 19:37

I have added Basic'N (alias Basic Kun) 2.1 (latest with R800 support) to msxsyssrc project for those who find it interesting.
Already commented quite extensively.
Source file can be found here:source

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29-11-2020, 22:18

Interesting... Any hope to make a stand alone basic compiler out of it?

Por Pencioner

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29-11-2020, 23:33

I don't think standalone compiler possible with low effort. F.e. some statements can't be compiled, you should turn the Kun off and then back to on after using those. Looks like regular Basic and Kun are very closely tied together


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30-11-2020, 00:33


About 10 years ago I actually separated the compiler and runtime library to two different 16kB memory mapper pages in order to make room for further improvements. This was not quite "stand alone basic compiler", but a good step to that direction and made it possible to add new things such as INPUT$, better variable handling, line interrupt support etc. This was based on disassembly made by Guywer9000. The improvement project anyway got abandoned mostly because I got fed up struggling with the git version control I was required to use, but not familiar with. I feel I mostly caused just "version mayhem" several times, so I stopped before causing more destruction. Maybe I'll ask permission to source some day again if I get more familiar with the subject, but at least currently I've just removed everything git related from my computer. I think in theory version control is such a nice idea, it is not out of the question I end up investigating it some day again.

Por zeilemaker54

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30-11-2020, 21:24

ARTRAG wrote:

Interesting... Any hope to make a stand alone basic compiler out of it?

Would be possible, but may be an for MSX BASIC adapted BASCOM would be an other approach

Por Amaury Carvalho

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20-01-2021, 03:05

Give a try to MSXBAS2ROM, a brand new experimental MSX Basic compiler based on Basic Kun.

MSXBAS2ROM is a command line tool thats run on Windows/Linux, and you can create a compiled ROM file from your Basic code using the "-c" parameter just like this:

msxbas2rom -c program.bas

More information: