Yoshida Builder translation

Yoshida Builder translation

por Randam en 11-10-2020, 19:17
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Did you ever fancy making a verical scrolling shoot'em up game but you don't have the programming skills? Then Yoshida Koumuten a.k.a. Yoshida Builder might just be the thing to try it out. It now comes fully translated when you appply the new translation patch for the program. And not only the sample game got translated. But two of the game collections (Yoshida Koumuten Data Library Vol. 1 and 2), Final Potential and Saladerman got translated. That is 13 translated games in all! So if you want to have a try at making a game this might be a nice way to try. And if not, there is 13 nice games to try and play.

Yoshida Koumuten is the first in the line of 3 shoot'em up editors and the only one only able to make vertical levels. Yoshida Kensetsu and Yoshida Konzern are the more elaborate editors, the latter being the most advanced. Yoshida Konzern also has a partial translation (needs to be finished) + document for the remaining parts. Its games have also been translated in the past. So if you missed that in the past check that out as well.

Happy creating and / or playing!

Relevant link: Translation Yoshida Koumuten and games
Relevant link: Translation Yoshida Konzern and games

Comentarios (5)

Por Sylvester

Champion (498)

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13-10-2020, 08:37

Nice Job! even the japanese graphics are replaced with english ones!

Por ren

Paragon (1651)

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14-10-2020, 22:37

Thanks, not triggered to check this out myself ATM, but your continuous efforts (and that of the MSX Translations team) are certainly appreciated!

Por Randam

Paragon (1141)

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15-10-2020, 21:08

Thanks Sylvester and Ren for the nice words.

These games might not be as well known, but there are at least two games that have sequels in Yoshida Kensetsu and a Gundam related game. And yet another even has some Fist of the North Star reference (though slight). And Saladermand is a nice parody of Salamander.

Por Pac

Guardian (6078)

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16-10-2020, 13:23

Thank you for this translation patch. Wink

Por syn

Paragon (2011)

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21-10-2020, 12:03

Wow 13 games translated. im gonna give this a try.