password reset?

Por Samor

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06-10-2020, 13:17

I'm trying to reset my account password (as I forgot it) but I never receive the email (been trying it since a week or so). It used to work before. It's not in the spam folder either. Does anyone know if I can contact someone who can help me with this?

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Por Meits

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06-10-2020, 13:41

Yeah, I had the same. Turned out to be a partly failed update. And I never checked the spam folder. There were the passwords.
If that's not the case for you, please contact me or hamlet.

Por hamlet

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06-10-2020, 15:31

During maintance and upgrading to a newer backend, the database table that contains the session cookies and password hashes was corrupted.
Due to a compatibility issue with the upgraded version and the old database backup these hashes couldn't be restored.
The downside of this action is that the only way users can get access to their account is to request a password reset. doesn't store passwords, but only hashes that are used with a Crypt Salt, so your information is save.

Por sdsnatcher73

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06-10-2020, 15:50

Hi guys, same thing happens to me. Reset password does not send any mail (also nothing in spam).

Por Meits

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06-10-2020, 18:12

Please mail your username and/or used e-mail address to either hamlet or me. We can reset them manually.

Por Palver

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07-10-2020, 22:51

Hello, same case. I’m sending you an email. Thank you