Gambling with MSX

Gambling with MSX

por rjp en 26-08-2020, 22:42
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Here goes the first fundraising campaign of the retrocomputing podcast and site Retrocomputaria.

It's the classic computer and videogames deck. This deck is a tribute to all the computers and videogames which were produced in Brazil during 1980's and 1990's. All the images are pixel art, and it has 52 cards, 2 jokers, the four suits (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs), in a beautiful custom box.

The MSXs are well represented with the Gradiente Expert (King of Spades) and Sharp Hotbit (Queen of Spades).

The fundraising campaign is in the Kickante site until October 10th. There are many rewards, as one to five decks, T-shirts, pens and badge chains with Retrocomputaria's logo. International shipment is not included (only to Brazil).

Hope you enjoy it! Maybe in the future we'll have other decks (maybe one who is MSX-centered?)

Relevant link: YouTube video showing the deck.

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Comentarios (2)

Por djh1697

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05-09-2020, 19:18

i once made a terrible gamble with my Goldstar FC200, I unplugged a Toshiba disk drive when the computer was booting up. I was a young MSXer at the time, I damaged the computer, but the disk drive survived!

Por hamlet

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05-09-2020, 20:16

Funny dj!