8 bit workshop, online IDE for MSX and other classic platforms

Por albs_br

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13-08-2020, 05:44

I did a search on this forum and only get one hit about this, on the russian subforum, then I decided to open this thread so it can be helpful to many more people.


Is an online IDE for MSX, NES, Atari 2600, C64, MAster System and many more. It has some interesting debug tools. Many code samples. Maybe not well suited for big or serious project but for small tests or proofs of concept it seems to fit very well. You change the code and get the result on the screen instantly.

Also they published some books on game dev. Actually I'm reading the book about NES games. It's very good reading.

Hope that helps.

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Por Wolverine_nl

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13-08-2020, 09:03

good find albs_br ! Smile this deserves attention for sure.

Por konamiman

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14-08-2020, 10:07

This looks awesome. My humble contribution: https://github.com/sehugg/8bitworkshop/pull/46

Por santiontanon

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14-08-2020, 22:20

Very cool! has anyone used it and want to share their thoughts on it?