Screen Sync Problem with Sony HB-F1XV

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Por FlabbyTabby

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23-10-2020, 23:23

I'm so glad I came across a post with this same issue. It was driving me mad, I was thinking the known suicidal caps were the issue, but I checked the board and the original eBay listing and it had indeed been done. Like the OP, mine can be fine for hours then go like crazy for a few minutes or any combination in between. I do notice a slight audio static buildup for a few seconds shortly before the sync drops.

I've had limited success with messing with OSSC settings with it. It does help alleviate the problem somewhat, but it never quite goes away. I suspect the upcoming OSSC pro might be able to cope with it if the delay is only a frame, but that's a "coming soon" piece of kit and no guarantee anyway...

I'm not entirely sure if anything can be done about it, it doesn't seem to be a widely reported issue. I wonder if the gscartsw sync regeneration would help. I know that helped for a shoddy MegaDrive I have in my other room. It's not a hugely good option though as my MSX is in another room and I can't really afford a second one. Big smile If there's a chip or something for a modified SCART cable that would be good too.

This sync probably isn't an issue on a CRT but when you're on something like the Framemeister or the OSSC and lose those seconds... it's annoying.

OP if you ever get anywhere with this, let me know because it stops me using my MSX as much as I'd like. Big smile

Por Grauw

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24-10-2020, 00:20

My guess;

Modern monitors expect a 60 Hz signal. The MSX produces 59.92 Hz (NTSC) or 50.16 Hz (PAL) in principle, however the frequency of the clock signal can vary. The OSSC shows the frequency, in Deepshell’s case it said 59.87Hz, what does yours say? My OSSC says 59.91 Hz and 50.15 Hz for NTSC and PAL respectively on both my CX5MII and FS-A1GT.

Either way, the OSSC produces the signal slightly out of the normal HDMI spec, so I think depending on the monitor they can or can not cope with some variation in the display frequency. I think I read something about similar issues for some console models as well. It’s probably indeed something the OSSC Pro can address.

Have you tried a different display?

I’m wondering about the frequency of the VDP crystal. It’s probably the one right beside the video break-out board. Does it say its frequency is 21.477 MHz?

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