New Music Project - Xynthwave Xak

Por MrRudi

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23-06-2020, 21:55

Ok so I really haven't done anything MSX or music wise for over a decade. Life happened...i moved to the States, got married, had a kid..whatever. Lately though I have been getting the itch and decided to reinvigorate an old idea of mine based on the 'Hands on Snatcher' mini album that was included in one of the Arranger Complete Works bundles. Instead of trying to make a specific album with 20-24 tracks, pick one game and make arrangements from that game. Could be 5 tracks, could be 30.

So that's what I'm doing...I picked Xak: The Art of Visual Stage as the first game to undergo this project treatment. I consider Xak as one of the absolute best (if not THE best) overall FM+PSG soundtracks in MSX history. The technical achievement of getting that sound out of the MSX chips is still astonishing, and the compositions are not too shabby either. The tracks I am making will all be 100% synth sounding, I am not aiming for any acoustic, orchestral or realistic sound (since I found it turns me off of composing - I am never satisfied).

I plan on posting regular updates, see if it interests you subscribe to the channel so you get notifications when new tracks are available. Here is the first track, enjoy!

Xynthwave Xak - The Blue Sea

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Por ToriHino

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23-06-2020, 22:55

Sounds great! Keep it coming Tongue

Por ren

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24-06-2020, 10:35

Sounds good, a bit too smooth, clean and frilly for me to really like it though.

Will this be the style you'll be following throughout? There's nothing left of the original grittiness of course (but that's not what you're aiming for anyway I figure).

Wishing you good luck though, be keeping an open mind and curious your take on some of the other tunes Wink

Por MrRudi

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26-06-2020, 22:06

Yes this will largely be the style in terms of sound...the exact approach can be different for each track, it really just depends on what inspiration I get from the track. Some are far more suitable for soundscapes, others more for heavy drum and bass. I doesn't really follow the synthwave 'rule set' either but it's still the most suitable name for it Big smile So some will deviate heavily, some will be far closer to the original.

Por MrRudi

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03-07-2020, 17:05

Por MrRudi

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01-08-2020, 19:25

Track number three is now available:

Por Manuel

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01-08-2020, 19:31

Thanks, one of my favourite iconic tunes of the series.

Por Mr.Mouse

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10-08-2020, 21:36

Tadahiro is producing a new album, with music from the Xak series as well, by the way, and Microcabin have the copyrights for all these tracks.

Por sdsnatcher73

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11-08-2020, 18:08

Personally I don’t like these tracks (I hope that is fine, something an artist does can hardly be for everyone). My main issue is I can’t recognize the original tracks in these arranged versions. Even after listening to the original and these after each other it is hard. And I think that is mostly why my brain makes a left turn where it should take right (metaphorically), I expect to recognize a tune but then I don’t.