[WTB] GFX9000 / PowerGraph V9990 / PowerGraph V9990 Lite

Por decola

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19-06-2020, 00:03

Hi there,
Looking to buy a V9990 of any kind.


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Por bsittler

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05-04-2021, 22:14

I just got email that a new "revision 2" of PowerGraph Light became available: http://www.tecnobytes.com.br/2021/04/powergraph-light-rev-2-...

Apparently the new version has composite and S-Video on the same PCB peninsula with the VGA-style 15 kHz RGB connector so no need to find and attach a separate adapter when using those signals

Por gustavobk

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05-04-2021, 23:35

Thanks for the tip bsittler, I just ordered one. Smile