Games for kids

Por chaos

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13-05-2020, 17:27

Trying to teach my kids how to play games. Ofcourse I want to let them know about the beautiful world of MSX, my youth Smile
They are still young (2 and 4), but the oldest one likes to play Athletic land.
What other games do you recommend for young 4+ kids?


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Por ren

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13-05-2020, 17:50

There's a recent thread on the subject I believe. Some (indie & free) games I picked you can find here (shameless self-promotion :o :x - Not too much there yet, you can filter on age though (6+, earlier than that they should play outside anyway ;))
Pérez the Mouse & Alter Ego are suited best I think, nice & cute :)


Por dan

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15-05-2020, 15:30

my oldest started playing antartic adventure and cabagge patch kids (she prefers it instead of athlectic land...). i always looked for two players games so that we could cooperate. now she's eight and does not get so frustrated as when she was younger. very cool, ren!

Por chaos

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20-05-2020, 09:32

Thanks Ren.
@Dan, I'll try out Cabagge patch kids, since my daughter likes Athlatic land

Por efforless

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20-05-2020, 21:21

- Pippols
- Athletic Land
- Monkey Academy
and there are a lot more, but those are what like me more. Smile

Por wolf_

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20-05-2020, 21:55

Shift Hannibal