CX5MU - Power Supply

Por BamSegich

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30-12-2019, 20:57

Hello all, I am new to this platform and this website. Thanks for having me.

I was gifted several boxes of 'old computer stuff' from a friend cleaning out a storage unit. In It was a CX5MU, YK10 keyboard, many cartridges (music-related), floppy adaptor, and more. Quite a haul.

The CX wouldn't turn on, so I opened it up. I don't know a lot about Electronics but I do know that the internal Power Supply is covered in leaky capacitors (or leaky something). Brown gook at the base of many of the components. Totaly shot.

I am not a solder-er or even close to approaching novice when it comes to repairs.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could move forward? Can I use the external power supply from another unit? do folks sell parts for these computers? Can I ship it to someone for repair? I'd love to hear this thing make music.

Thanks everyone!

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Por Alexey

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30-12-2019, 21:53

Would be nice to have a few photos of the internals of this computer. That goo could be just the hot glue that holds the big capacitors in place. If you can't repair the computer yourself and you live in EU, you can ask RepairBas to fix your MSX.

Por BamSegich

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02-01-2020, 02:58

Great Idea.

Photos Here

Por Wild_Penguin

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02-01-2020, 23:26

Most of that stuff definitely does not look like hot glue (though that could be mistaken for leakage by a novice). But OTOH I must admit some of the pictures are not focused well; at least some could be hot glue with dust stuck to it?

The PSU contains nothing special, these parts are standard (off-the-shelf). Some regulators might be a bit phased out but should be still acquirable. With capacitors there should be no problems.

There are actually only a few MSX-specific parts in some MSX components, such as the MSX-Engine (but not all MSXes have one) and the VDPs of MSX2(+) computers. Others are mostly off-the-shelf components, even more so in PSUs. Some MSX1s are made almost completely from off-the-shelf computers.

I'd take it to some professional for fixing. Bas is certainly someone I'd trust for repair, if you happen to live near him! But as this computer has a service manual available, you could ask around in any electronics repair shop (or something) what they would charge for repairs of the PSU.

IMO it makes sense to just fix that PSU. You could possibly use some other PSU, such as a PC power supply, but first you need to confirm what voltages this particular model uses. Internally, all MSXes use standard DC voltages common in PCs (and other computers), such as +5, +12 and -12V, and some have terminals on the MB for these; but some have the regulation on the motherboard (instead of the PSU). If that is the case, using a PC power supply is not that straight forward. The end result will not be as tidy as with the original in any case.