This very month we are looking at the 10th anniversary of Imanok's Stray Cat, a running-platform game for MSX1. And to celebrate, Imanok created a special version with smooth-scrolling. The fastest cat in the city just got flashier.

It was in december 2009 that Imanok presented his MSXdev'09 entry, Stray Cat. It took the 3th place, not bad for a cat. Check out the MSXDEV's archive for all MSXDEV'09 entries.

Flash the cat spent the day wandering around with his friends, looking for some food and having fun... But he suddenly remembered that she have a date with Iris, the cutest kitty at downtown. Oops, gotta go! Run and jump between the buildings, avoiding the obstacles you may find on your way, until you reach the house where Iris lives. Flash has 7 lives, as all cats have, and he will inevitably loose one by receiving an impact or falling from a building.

While the original is compatible with any MSX computer with at least 8KB of RAM, this special 10th anniversary version comes with a new smooth scrolling for V9958 VDP machines. You know, like in MSX2+, MSX turbo R, or any upgraded MSX2 machine. And the best part, it is not only free to download like the original, but you can also purchase it in physical cartridge format! It's a luxurious package with an eight pages full color manual. The benefit from the sale of this packed game edition goes to the AAMSX Association.

Now, be a good kitty and run like Santa's busting yo ass!

relevant link: Download on Imanok's MSX site.
relevant link: visit the MSX Cartridge shop! for the physical edition

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  • Stray Cat 10th Anniversary version
  • Stray Cat 10th Anniversary version
  • Stray Cat 10th Anniversary version
  • Stray Cat 10th Anniversary version

Comentarios (14)

Por tfh

Prophet (2373)

Imagen del tfh

22-12-2019, 19:16

Love the artwork... AGAIN!
I also like this update of Stray Cat. It looks pretty slick. I've also updated Stray Cat in the MSXDev section to play online.

Por Vampier

Prophet (2352)

Imagen del Vampier

23-12-2019, 05:50

thanks, added to the ROM database too Smile

Por hamlet

Scribe (3188)

Imagen del hamlet

23-12-2019, 07:37

I remember we done a small contest on the 218 fair in Nijmegen. Some visitors has reached very far.
Very nice game. Thank you for updating it and give away for free, Imanok!

Por Manuel

Ascended (16847)

Imagen del Manuel

23-12-2019, 08:01

Aha, so it's not a turboR version, but a v9958 version with smooth scrolling! Great, thanks!

Por aranya

Rookie (21)

Imagen del aranya

23-12-2019, 09:31

Does It work on MSX1?

Thank you.

Por tfh

Prophet (2373)

Imagen del tfh

23-12-2019, 10:07

aranya wrote:

Does It work on MSX1?

Thank you.

The game works fine on MSX1, but without the smooth scroll.

Por aranya

Rookie (21)

Imagen del aranya

23-12-2019, 13:19

Thank you!!!

Por gdx

Prophet (3672)

Imagen del gdx

23-12-2019, 16:36

Thanx Imanok, I like MSX1 games with some enhancements when runned on upper generations. Smile

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3330)

Imagen del sd_snatcher

23-12-2019, 22:58

Thank you, Imanok! The smooth scroll is a very welcome bonus to the game. And it's easier on the eyes too. ;D

BTW, thank you for all your other gems too. My all-time favourites from you are Tina's (even bought the cartridge/couldn't stop until I finished it), and Txupinazo!

Por max_iwamoto

Champion (487)

Imagen del max_iwamoto

24-12-2019, 03:46

Have to replay it again. Finished the orignal one on the 1st day. Great news!
Thank you, Imanok!

Por journey

Champion (413)

Imagen del journey

24-12-2019, 08:58

"If you are on fire and want to purchase the cartridge in a luxurious package and a 8 pages color manual, visit
the MSX Cartridge shop!"

The cartridge version is updated with the smooth scroll?

Por MsxKun

Paladin (937)

Imagen del MsxKun

24-12-2019, 15:27

10 years already?? Crying
Time to finish it again!

Por Parn

Hero (603)

Imagen del Parn

25-12-2019, 17:05

Fun game, with very nice graphics! I liked it a lot!

Por Imanok

Paragon (1152)

Imagen del Imanok

26-12-2019, 10:38

Thank you all! Wink

@journey: yes, from now on the cartridges at the MSX Cartridge Shop will contain the updated version.