How can I add BASIC commands to AUTOEXEC.BAT?

Por AxelStone

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01-12-2019, 15:26

Hello everyone, I'd like to add some BASIC commands like SET ADJUST to my AUTOEXEC.BAT. Is there any way to do it? Thanks.

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Por gdx

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01-12-2019, 15:35

You can make something like my Multi-Boot. (Use an AUTOEXEC.BAS instead of the AUTOEXEC.BAT)

Por Grauw

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01-12-2019, 15:38

There exists a tool which allows you to execute Basic commands from DOS. I just forgot the name.

Por erpirao

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01-12-2019, 16:28

a:\bascom set adjuts (7,7)

Por fr3nd

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01-12-2019, 18:51

I think it's, isn't it?
The tool is here:

I also added it to MSXHub. I think it's very handy :)

Por AxelStone

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01-12-2019, 19:17

Hello guys, finally I've applied a very simple solution: direct call to BASIC command of DOS. You can split your autoexec.bat in different files, and after the BASIC program continue executing whatever you want, something like this:
BASIC config1.bas

And file config1.bas should be like:
10 CLS
30 _SYSTEM("config1.bat")

In config1.bat I apply specific config desired after the BASIC commands.

Thanks for your help!

Por Grauw

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01-12-2019, 19:20

Using baskom may execute faster though I think. It’s pretty neat.

Por Meits

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01-12-2019, 22:12

I've heard of bascom but never tried it. I don't expect it to support everything you can do in basic, like a call for gr8net.
On top of that I wouldn't even want to begin with converting my basic booter to bascom cuz it's quite a monster with a for next loop and data lines Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

I reccon you've to load bascom for each command you want to perform, so after a while bascom would lose Tongue