Philips VG8020 Keyboard problem

Por Nas_Sutromi

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07-11-2019, 17:26


This is my first post and I'm not a very good with MSX, but recently I decided to dig up my MSX computers and give then a run to see if they were all OK, and found some problems in a couple of then.

The Philips VG8020 is my most tresured MSX since is the only one I got inbox, so when I tested it and found that only a few keys were working I kind of panicked because it was working fine when I stored it 10 years ago.

As any one had this problem before, only 8 or 10 keys work, can someone give me a help on the subject.

Best regards

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Por AndreV

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11-11-2019, 00:27

Hello maybe this YouTube clip helps. the keyboard has 2 plastic layers at the bottom, clean them very carefully with cotton wool and alcohol, to make contact again.