The legendary Colour Monitor from Gradiente

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21-09-2019, 22:56

Today I will talk about that "legendary" colour monitor from Gradiente.

As many should know, you may think it never existed in first place, but that is wrong, I had a friend back in 1986 and he brought one, then I went there to see it personally, at that time it was an amazing CRT monitor, it was my first time seeing a color RGB monitor too (apart those tubes/crts from arcades).

Now the facts... it wasn't really a monitor, it was a TV with RGB input, yes it included VHF/UHF tuners inside too.

The TV were ALL made by Telefunken, at the time Telefunken decided to sell his small TV division to Gradiente, and as usual Gradiente just rebranded them as "Gradiente". This is why many thinks it never existed as a small numbers of those were made, another mistake from Gradiente, since I know many would had buy it due to the quality at that time, the colors, and almost no other option available in Brazil.

The TV/monitor was 16", the exact model was 16C3175. The speakers were detachable, stereo sound:

The RGB input, exactly same spec/pin match from Expert (of course):

Finally, here was all the models from Telefunken catalogue:

I hope this clarifly the monitor "mistery/legend". :face:

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Por Gradius2

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22-09-2019, 01:35

An actual user sent me this photo (the TV has a problem, this is why he isn't currently using it):

Por hamlet

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22-09-2019, 07:37

It was great fun to read your report! Thanks for the effort. I like CRT monitors very much and from the design a tube fits best to the MSX. With the gradient it seems to be one piece. Congratulations to this beautiful model!

Por Manuel

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22-09-2019, 09:43

What are the technical specifications of this beast?