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Por msxvr

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19-09-2019, 16:14

I am not sure 100% about what do you try to say .. but .. it could be possible .. VR-Script is native .. I have bidirectional communication and furthermore .. it is possible to create DLL .. so .. you can build your own libraries in C/C++ and create VR_Script API calls to interact with them, so, you can add new funcionalities to the system using C/C++ too. So, in theory, is posible to do all this things that I think you try to say me Smile .. maybe another day by Skype in Spanish Smile

Por journey

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19-09-2019, 17:26

Apart from the MSXVR logo, the official MSX logo, will be present on the case?

Por zPasi

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19-09-2019, 18:24

I already have a Raspberry PI 3b(+) and emulators (RetroPie + openMSX) set up for it. Of course I cannot use real cartridges with it, unless I purchase or build a board like this.

I also have real MSX machines.

MSXVR is still a cool product, but since I really don't need that hardware, I'm not very excited about it. But in my point of view, the real added value of MSXVR is the software part. What is the license of the software, is it attached to the hardware? So if you buy the machine you get the software, otherwise don't?

Por mars2000you

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19-09-2019, 18:51

zPasi wrote:

What is the license of the software, is it attached to the hardware? So if you buy the machine you get the software, otherwise don't?

For me, it's a very important question because it would be interesting to get the software without the hardware and to launch it on a PC. Of course not only the games or the applications or the VR-BASIC, but also the VR-OS (just like blueMSX and openMSX allow to emulate the different MSX systems).

Subsidiary question: i hope that screen 9 is not used by the new VR-BASIC as equivalent of a V9990 graphic mode. Because screen 9 is for a special using of Korean characters (just like the Kanji screens on Japanese MSX2+ and Turbo R). As explained in the Wiki, a Korean fan has made possible to use also this screen on non-Korean computers. So, my subsidiary question is: is the original using of screen 9 respected in the MSXVR machine?

Por Pablibiris

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19-09-2019, 19:07

The software of the MSXVR needs the hardware of the MSXVR to run...not only a Raspberry or a PC

Por Ivan

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19-09-2019, 19:32

I am not worried about the software because it will be upgradable.

The hardware is more important, in my humble opinion. It is critical to get a device without any quality issues (well designed PCB, gaps between the different plastic parts of the case and the keyboard, audio output without noise, etc).

Por msxvr

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19-09-2019, 20:15

About logos:
The MSX official logo will appear on the Packaging Box and the Service manual. On the plastic case, MSX can be seen clear enough in the MSXVR logo and to add another MSX logo is reiterative from our point of view.

About software outside the MSXVR
We think that SOFTWARE + HARDWARE = MSXVR. We want the MSXVR to be something special and different, so, all of these concepts are important. MSXVR Evolution = SOFTWARE + HARDWARE evolution. All combined.

It is not ready yet but we would like to work remotely from a PC/MAC and use the MSXVR like a Development Kit. You could launch apps, debug, etc. remotely using your local network.

Screen 9
Sorry, It is a bit confusing. When we mentioned SCREEN 9, we were talking about the VDP mode, not the BASIC mode. We know that Screen 9 is used in the Korean BASIC. In VR-BASIC, "VDP Screen 9" is SCREEN 13. This presume that this is not a problem to use Screen 13? Thank you.

Por Latok

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19-09-2019, 23:00

Thank you for all your answers, msxvr, great job!

Por Ivan

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19-09-2019, 23:50

Taking a close look at the keyboard (as seen on the first page of the thread) now I am not sure that the black/grey color scheme is the best one. I can hardly distinguish those white letters, numbers and symbols printed on the light grey keys.

Maybe the black keyboard is the most legible.

Por raymond

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20-09-2019, 09:16

msxvr wrote:

Yes, low level MIDI interface is implemented (in/out).
TR MIDI out is working but I need to check more MIDI devices to be sure that all is working fine.
TR MIDI in is not implemented yet.

Thanks for your quick answer! With TR MIDI OUT, it should be possible to play Illusion City with my MT-32 Big smile

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