Still confused on how to load and boot DSK from MegaflashRom. Guidance needed

Por hoagtech

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31-07-2019, 01:28

I contacted Manuel and am still having a hard time understanding the boot sequence.

On my ROMS I load directory from Multimente by pressing "2" > Clicking sub folder > loading ROM into memory > reset machine.

On DSK I load directory "2" > Click DSK sub folder > Load dsk > reset > nothing

Can you go into a little more detail about what Im missing from the boot routine?

I would love to play my vertical shmups and snatchers

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Por gdx

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31-07-2019, 02:12

Try Sofarunit!

Por Meits

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31-07-2019, 03:00

Or go intro multimente en press enter on a dsk file. If you use the romdisk Manuel provided by default this will work. If not, put back the romdisk.
Or go to the dosprompt, navigate to the directory where the dsk file is and type opfxsd gamedisk.dsk /d1 and then reset the computer.
In both cases: if the dsk is supported it will run.

Por shram86

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31-07-2019, 04:21

Use SofaRun, it's way better than Multimente / opfsxd.

Por Guillian

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31-07-2019, 10:44

If the game is in a single DSK file, just press RETURN on it. It will create a file named NEXT_DSK.DAT on the SD card. This file configures the operative system to work on DSK emulation mode. In the next boot, the DSK will be loaded (some games might not work).
If you want to skip the game, hold 0 (zero) key while booting and/or delete NEXT_DSK.DAT file from your SD card.
Bear in mind that you can simultaneusly load a ROM and a DSK. In that case you will need to hold ESC to skip the ROM, and 0 (zero) to skip the DSK.

If the game uses several disks, you must rename them all to the same name, and extensions .FD1, .FD2, .FD3, etc.
Then press RETURN on any of them as done with a single .DSK file.

When prompted to change a disk, hold the correct number and press whatever key the computer is waiting for.
For more information, check user's manual page 17.

When using EMUFILE, the DSKs files must be copied in order and unfragmented in the SD card.

It is also possible to use the old DSK loading method, that flashes the DSKs as ROMs in the cartridge.
In that case, the DSKs do not need to be unfragmented or copied in order into the SD card, and they are skipped holding ESC while booting.
To use the old DSK loading method, just press GRAPH on a DSK or FDx file, and select "FLASH DSK AS DISK x"