Experimental build system for MSX Basic Dignified and traditional MSX Basic on Sublime using openMSX.

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Por pizzapower

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17-01-2020, 19:19

Nice project, farique!

Regarding MSX Basic Dignified, I think you should consider porting it to Python 3, since Python 2 is being officially discontinued. No security or bug fixes will be available to Python 2. It should not be very difficult to make the changes.

Por farique

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17-01-2020, 21:11

Yeah, next thing on the list!
As a matter of fact I revisited it to make the transition to Python 3 and got carried away with the function thing.
One of the features I want to do is to translate unicode characters to MSX ASCII to enable the visualisation of special characters on the editor. Unicode is one thing that I will only mess with with Python 3.
It is coming.

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