What are the games to own?

Por gdx

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10-11-2018, 00:53


I'm talking about original games. I do not ask what are the best games but, what are the great games with nice packaging? Those who are really interesting to own. Smile

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Por hamlet

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11-11-2018, 13:01

I do like Dragonslayer 6, it have a map and a nice monster booklet. Also the Y's series and Xak/Fray. Elite comes even with a story written in a booklet. Games that comes with hardware, like Arkanoid 1 and 2. There are plenty of gems, just look at the box and manual of 'Sword Of Ianna' and hold your breath. Ghost comes with a additional CD. Many more to call. Most of them are barely cheap, in comparison with the legendary Konami cartridges, even today.

Por barroidh

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11-11-2018, 17:48

Hydlide 3 , it comes with a music tape with orchestrated game music .
Xevious comes with a poster .

Por meits

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11-11-2018, 20:25

Topple Zip comes with a plane and Dragon Slayer 6 indeed is quite a package as well (sorry for plugging ;) )

Por Tolvatar

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11-11-2018, 22:31

I love the Level 9 Computing typing adventures.
Poster, manuals with stories, nice packaging.

Por Tolvatar

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11-11-2018, 23:52

Oh. I forgot: Murder on the Atlantic.
I never see a game with so many extras. You have even part of a rope and a bullet as clues of the murder. A message in Braille, newspapers, a photo, passengers list of the ship and many other things.
I can't put a link here but i preserve all of them a little time ago.

Por wyrdwad

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12-11-2018, 15:32

Of the games I own, I think the most unique in terms of the things they come with are Rune Worth, Madou Monogatari 1-2-3, and Psy-O-Blade.

Rune Worth comes with a velvet-bound book that's probably my favorite single item I've ever gotten in a game box. It's literally bound in fuzzy velvet, and is written as if it's a book in the actual world of the game -- in fact, the game has a form of soft copy-protection that requires you to answer some lore questions at one point, and the solutions can only be found in the velvet-bound book. Which I don't even mind, because the book is a great read (assuming you can read Japanese, anyway), really expanding the game's lore and making the world of Rune Worth feel a lot more alive.

Madou Monogatari comes with a full-on card game that has its own set of rules, which is just a really neat (and eminently displayable) extra to package with a game.

And Psy-O-Blade comes with a "Music Module" -- a little plastic device that has a button on it, which plays one of eight different one-channel songs each time you press it. This is also used for copy protection in-game, but is just a really unique inclusion that sets it apart from other games.

It also helps that all three of these games also come with other stuff, too -- Rune Worth has a really nice map and a separate manual with cool art (and some versions of the game come with the soundtrack on floppy disk, with a cool music player app that shows SD versions of the game's characters dancing around a jukebox), and Madou Monogatari and Psy-O-Blade have really nice manuals as well (with Psy-O-Blade also coming in a really cool and unique inner box).