Sony HB-F1XDJ Capacitor list?

Por Yodd

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25-10-2018, 17:01

Does anyone have a complete capacitor map for the Sony HB-F1XDJ?

I have been meaning to recap it for a while, I just haven't opened it recently and wasn't sure if someone already had a complete list of capacitors for it.

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Por meits

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25-10-2018, 18:14

If you open the device you can see them all and read their markings.
Pay special attention to the capacitors on the HIC below the diskdrive. They're notorious leakers/killers.

Por Wierzbowsky

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25-10-2018, 18:22

Yep, those 3 caps almost destroyed my video board. They are the first to be changed. I recommend to use tantalum capacitors, not the electrolytic ones.

Por Pac

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25-10-2018, 20:12

Here you can find the values of the 3 dangerous capacitors. Replace these ones mainly:

And here a complete guide ;) :