Second version of Konami's Synthesizer?

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Por Manuel

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02-12-2018, 21:28

So, the difference is the title screen ("E") and the Konami logo animation?

Can you dump that European version?

Por Manuel

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02-12-2018, 21:57

Anyway, what makes you think it's European and not some older version of the Japanese version? Or perhaps even a beta version of the Japanese version? (As it seems to have a bug and an older logo screen.)

Por babich

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10-08-2020, 01:49

Don't know how wrong is to bump such an old thread (sorry!), and probably it's not that interesting, but...
I realized that the Italian pirated version of Antarctic Adventure is indeed based on the European version of the game. Everything matches - apart from the Konami logos and the map GFX brutally violated.

I don't know if the European proper dump mentioned by @Guillian was ever shared, but you can basically check it
here {mod: link removed}.
You may also obtain a (messy) European .rom just by removing the .cas pirate loader (you can also phone the pirate: he put phone number and address visible with a HEX editor:D)
Skilled hands may also re-integrate the garbled GFXs, I guess - or maybe there's no need for it as the proper dump is floating around somewhere...



Por MajorTOM

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19-09-2020, 12:17

I see you are "only" referering to different versions of the ROM "software", but I do have 2 different versions of the Antartic Adventure "hardware" as well, this measn the look&feel of the cartridget itself it´s a little bit different, one of them used the most recent form-factor with the konami logo on then backside of the cartridge, while other one is plain, However the box, insert and user manuals are exactly the same ones...

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