Jackie Chan in Project-A

Por SLotman

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18-03-2018, 02:39

While hyped up from having translated this game, which was the first MSX game I ever saw, even before I had an MSX (saw it at a friend's house) - I found something pretty amazing about it.

It may be the first Beat'em up game in history.

Hear me out: most sites claim that "Kung Fu Master" (or Spartan-X) was the first one. If you search on Google, it appears right there at the search that the game was released on December 1984.

  • First clue: the movie "Jackie Chan in Project-A" is from 1983. So chances are the game was released early in 84.
  • Second clue: This site that claims it was relased on March 7, 1984. Not too sure about it, but it's something - at least it makes sense with the movie being from '83,
  • Third clue: another site, this one says "Spartan-X" was released as a tie-in to the movie "Wheels on Meals", which is from August 1984!

We may have in our hands the first Beat'em up game in history folks ;)

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Por Manuel

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18-03-2018, 14:35

Hah, good point! Wikipedia is now very very very clear that Kung-Fu Master is the first one with 21 references. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_%27em_up
Might be worth to bring this up on the discussion page of that article!

EDIT: never mind, this was already added there.

Por Pentarou

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18-03-2018, 16:44

The cassette label photo on the gamesdb says '84.4, that would confirm an april '84 release.
However it's not an MSX exclusive as the game was also on pc 88.

Por SLotman

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18-03-2018, 23:04

Whoa, never knew there was a PC-88 version! Wish I knew before I re-did the title screen on the original MSX version Wink

I'm amazed on how much faster the PC-88 version plays! but the sound there... O_o