OPNA for MSX - Anyone working on one to market & interest?

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Por Alexey

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25-10-2018, 16:45

I would definitely prefer a kit and a few photos on how the assembled board should look like. No matter how I have to solder certain parts - it's doable. But this allows to save costs and at the same time have a wider distribution of your hardware.

Por AxelStone

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25-10-2018, 16:48

Another sound cartridge? I think it has no sense, the MSX has too many sound chips Question

Por Pencioner

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25-10-2018, 17:39

AxelStone wrote:

Another sound cartridge? I think it has no sense, the MSX has too many sound chips Question

It definitely has sence, some people demand more audio possibilities Wink

Por da_Dude

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13-11-2018, 21:18

!Declare Interest in future MSX audio expansions for use with VGMplay, Neotron? Makoto? \0/
count me in
greetz, SceneCAT

Por ren

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05-01-2019, 12:59

Ba Bi BambooTracker !

Short demo tune by Wavetable Guy.

Por Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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06-01-2019, 14:28

I don't know if I can bear it by mysefl, but even another classic OPN/OPNA+SSG driver/player of great value can be ported into MSX territories: MUCOM.
Lately Yuzo Koshiro's MuCom (Music Composer - guess) is made open source (sort of), MUCOM first incarnation was MuCom88 for NEC pc-88x series, Z80 based home computers, and so it can be ported for MSX.
MuComWin is a brand new free editor for Windows O.S. and a MSX player should be highly appreciated.
MuCom (and its anchestor Music LALF) MML syntax is close to Kajapon PMD MML syntax, so one can pull the other somehow.

Por ren

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15-06-2020, 23:37

Since it came up in this thread, don't want to keep the fans of YU-NO (& piano arrangements) from this (ピアノでYU-NO 37曲メドレー / YU-NO 37 songs medley on the piano by guukado) (yeah, he's got 4 hands ;))

Por Grauw

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16-06-2020, 02:10

Nice! And so much of them Smile.

Por msxtrd

Master (254)

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16-06-2020, 09:33

Is the Makoto project dead?

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