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Por ren

Paragon (1930)

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19-09-2020, 20:00

So I went through Ma2 yuki's stuff. Picks in order of date published @ niconico (note: some have updated / more recent versions @ YT) (noted where applicable):


Sorcerian (ソーサリアン) (19 songs)

グラディウス2 / Nemesis 2 (Above the Horizon, A Journey to the Start, Killer Coast Land)
(This one def. not perfect & glitchy, but still interesting to list IMO :) He should do a proper Above the Horizon IMO, I def. like the drums & the up-beat stuff starting around 1:28 sounds pretty satisfying to me ;))

ベア・ナックル / Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage) – The Streets of Rage

ニンジャウォーリアーズ / The Ninja Warriors – Daddy Mulk

SUPER魂斗羅 / Super Contra – What Is This Place & Hotter Than Hell

Silpheed / シルフィード song collection: 01.Silph of wind(#00:00) 02.Battle on Orbit(#03:46) 03.Asteroid(#07:18) 04.Going in Fortress(#10:23) 05.Return of XACALITE(#13:30)


Chrono Cross / クロノ・クロス – 時の傷痕 / Scars of Time (first YT upload)

ダライアス外伝 / Darius Gaiden – SELF

聖剣伝説2 / Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) – 天使の怖れ / Angel's Fear (2019)

The Scheme (ザ・スキーム) song collection: 01.coward! (#00:00) 02.修正版 perpetual dark (#01:26) 03.angry fist (#04:21) 04.HARDY is the strongest. (#06:07) 05.Challenging tomorrow (#08:47) (8 songs (ATM), late 2019 uploads)

After Burner / アフターバーナー - After Burner (OST & AC versions) (late 2019 version/upload)


NieR Gestalt & Replicant YM2413 Concert / ニーア ゲシュタルト&レプリカント YM2413 コンサート (8 songs) (9 vids ATM)

Ori and the Blind Forest - Main Theme

The Super Shinobi / The Revenge of Shinobi / ザ・スーパー忍 – Opening & Long Distance


Hydlide 3 / ハイドライド3 (Full OST / 全曲集) (published small month later, shortened)
(2017 version:

Space Harrier / スペースハリアー – Main Theme (V2 再作成版 / Recreated version)

Darius / ダライアス – Captain NEO (2020)

Por Pac

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20-09-2020, 12:40

An MSX medley from the CD MSX-VGMusic Arrange Antique -Vol.1- currently on sale. It is curious that coming from Japan, they used a Philips MSX computer for the cover. :)

Por Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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21-09-2020, 14:44

Liking!, @liking_birds on Twitter, is posting and updating a table of new MGSDRV modules posted on Twitter,
link here .
Min.t page here. Enjoy. B-)

Por Pac

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30-09-2020, 19:24

Sorcerian, Hydlide, Xanadu... .

Ys 2 & Dragon Quest 2

It seems that they are doing live sessions weekly.

Por JohnHassink

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30-09-2020, 22:19

Just want to say, thank you so much for all of these wonderful links. ♥

Por Pac

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21-10-2020, 18:47

Penguin Adventure, cave and river.

Por Pac

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29-10-2020, 13:04

Por FiXato

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01-11-2020, 21:53

ren wrote:

@Manuel: you're replying to FiXato I assume (some other guy posted something else in the meantime Wink) Yes, it's a feat kinda, but I think you *have* to use Chrome/Chromium here. Seems FiXato is using Regex functionality that has not landed yet in Firefox (named capturing groups). Options for @FiXato: use Babel or simplify regex (looks overly complicated (for its purpose) ?) and/or don't use named capt. groups (shouldn't be too much of an issue to adapt using regular capturing groups instead).

Thanks ren Smile

I hadn't noticed the replies about it not working in some browsers till I worked on the player again today while implementing support for NicoNico (
I've replaced the named capturing groups for regular index captures, and it now seems to work in Edge as well. Smile

I'll go through this topic and add a bunch of NicoNico video examples that have been mentioned here. Should be added in an hour or so to

(Edit: videos/songs sorted and added to current playlist.)

Por FiXato

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02-11-2020, 18:04

Hmm.. after some songs the indices no longer seem to match with the actual playlist entries...
Will have to see what is causing that. I'm guessing an unfortunate e
side-effect of a recent change that prevents duplicates, probably not playing nicely with playlist expansion...

Hopefully I'll find some time today to fix that. Smile

Edit: I think I got it fixed now. Smile
Edit2: I have also made a version that should work on IE11, but it needed too many changes for it to be worth it to maintain it (or to convert my ES6-dependent Javascript code to legacy/compatible format). So, consider this a legacy version that might break further down the line. :) I might care about old homecomputer systems and consoles, but when it comes to outdated browsers, they can take a wrong byte and choke on a chestnut. ;)

Meanwhile, the regular version should work fine in modern browsers, even in Microsoft Edge. *eyes Meits*

Edit 3: Added support for loading your own JSON-playlists by specifying the JSON file's URL in the playlist parameter.
See this example JSON file for the format.
(Basically it is a hash/associative array in the form of {"URL": "description to be displayed in playlist", "URL2": "description for the second song"})

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