Sony HB-F1XDJ capacitor leakage repair guide

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Por Josevil

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17-02-2018, 01:02

OK ,thanks Alexey

Por Thier

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08-06-2018, 06:46

Hello all,

Recently, my Sony MSX2+ HB-F1XDJ had no sound at all. So, I made my homework, thanks for the info on this web site.
Here is my list of capacitors that I changed on the motherboard of my MSX:

C10: 10uF
C13: 1.5nF
C14: 10uF
C15: 1.5nF
C16: 1uF
C19: 100nF
C20: 4.7uF
C22: 100uF
C35: 470uF
C55: 10uF
C66: 47uF
C97: 47uF
C98: 100nF
C99: 1uF
C100: 560pF

After all this job, my MSX is ready for few years again! Cool

Por sd_snatcher

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29-07-2020, 20:08


Are those all the ELNA capacitors on the HB-F1XDJ, or there were some Nichicon too?

Por Omega

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10-08-2020, 15:15

In my opinion it's not necessary to replace ALL the though hole capacitors (buck shot method), if they are a proper good brand like Rubycon, Nichicon or Panasonic.
On the Panasonic machines I've not yet seen any lesser brands, and the Sonys also not all of them used the ELNA ones. I guess it was up to what they could source at the time..

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