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Por MP83

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23-11-2017, 20:00

Hi guys,

First of all, here's a brief history lesson: My dad, Timo Poikela, used to be a big MSX user in Finland, back in the 80s and early 90s. He went by the nickname Tokamoka and used to make several MSX games and other programs in his free time (he's retired now). Some of them were released as program listings on the Finnish computer magazine, MikroBitti, while the rest never got any proper releases (only few people received copies).

I'm now in progress of compiling my dad's MSX games together into one neat collection -- a disk image with a menu launcher, based on my dad's code. Once that's done, the collection will be released online for free. Before that happens, though, I want to hear your opinion on this: Some of the games (7) are very similar to each others, with only handful of changes/differences. Should I include all of them in this collection or just handpick the ones that I consider the best ones?

Thanks in advance! Smile

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Por Tolvatar

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23-11-2017, 20:27

If you have space on the disk include everything you have.
Justin my 2 cents

Por hamlet

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23-11-2017, 21:06

Great story, but what would your dad do?

Por QBee Sam

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23-11-2017, 21:20

IMHO and only for preservation purposes i think release them all should be better.

Por MP83

Master (232)

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23-11-2017, 21:48

Thanks for the opinions. Perhaps I should just release everything then. I'm also planning to add some bonus content, like scans of the MikroBitti program listings of my dad's games.

hamlet wrote:

Great story, but what would your dad do?

He doesn't really have any opinion, so he's allowing me to do as I wish. I asked him if I could compile all his games into one set and release them online, and he said yes.

Por MP83

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23-11-2017, 23:06

Screenshots of some of the games:

Por Grauw

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23-11-2017, 23:07

Those look pretty nice!

Por MP83

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23-11-2017, 23:41

Thanks, I'll let my dad know that you said that. Smile That being said, I don't think any of the games has any long-lasting appeal by today's standards. I'd be surprised if anyone would spend more than 15-30 minutes going through this collection. Still, I'm really happy that these games weren't lost in the mists of time.

Por Pencioner

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24-11-2017, 00:39

As for me screenshots have some value. I hope there should be a few with interesting gameplay as well. And there are always a warm feeling to see that there were non-indusry-commercial program being written Smile So please don't hesitate to release what you decided to release Smile

Side note: I lost my MSX stuff many yeas ago (i've had some 15 years of non-MSX-ing... sad but true) - floppy is very unreliable media. Now while writing this comment i feel a little bit of regret. I had two playable (hopefully) games and a few non-playable, and one unfinished project in asm i'd really like to have a look at (maybe just to realize how hilarious is the code of 16-17 y.o. guy who were you, who knows Big smile ). But yes, there are no way to get'em back until someone invents a time-travelling soon Cool

Por santiontanon

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24-11-2017, 02:40

Nice! This is a very cool preservation project!! Looking forward to the disk!!!

Por Samor

Prophet (2165)

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24-11-2017, 16:06

Looking forward to it.

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