Chibi Akumas Episode 2: Confrontation! [game for CPC then MSX2]

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Por keith56

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05-01-2018, 04:25

Grauw wrote:

By the way, Keith, currently you support MSX2+V9990, but I think you could also support MSX1+V9990.

Just to clarify, the game is coming out on disk image, not cartridge, and it requires 64k ram, the minimum system I'm testing on is the Panasonic FS-A1 with MegaFlashRom SCC as a disk emulator

See below for a screenshot comparing the regular MSX2 to the V9990 version, as I said before, the basic MSX2 version runs at the same speed or slightly faster than the CPC version shown in the Anigifs at the start of this thread - there are also videos of the CPC version on Youtube.

It may be possible for the game to be made to work on an MSX1+V9990,but this is not a system I'm supporting, I really struggle to believe people who own the V9990 do not own a single MSX2

Chibi Akumas came out december 2016 and was the first ASM game I had ever written, I am not some AAA elite demo coder , I'm just one average guy developing in my spare time.

I'm aiming to make my game as good as the top 20% of commercial games in the 90's , and make the Spectrum & MSX versions of comparable standard to the CPC version - but that's all ... I can't support every system ever developed, or squeeze every bit of power out these old systems - I'm not that good a coder, If I aim too high, I'll end up with a buggy mess that I can't fix rather than a finished playable game.

in fact, it's the fact I didn't try to use features like hardware scroll on the CPC that means the MSX and ZX ports are relatively quick and easy to do - and I'm looking to get the game out on MSX and ZX as fast as I reasonably can, then move on to developing something totally new.

Por Grauw

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05-01-2018, 05:53

Many MSX1 computers with 64K exist, disk drives for it too, even memory mappers if you use that. Don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work on there unless you check for MSX2 and up explicitly, since the V9938 is the primary new feature of the MSX2, and you’re not using that in the V9990 version.

So let me phrase it differently: Seems to me like the steps to support MSX1 would be very minor, if any. Give it a go in the emulator, I’d say Smile, I wonder if it would even just work out of the box. Try the Yamaha CX5MII/128 machine for starters (which is an especially high-specced MSX1 with memory mapper and even V9938, tho just 16K VRAM), then Sony HB-75P (a more conventional one), using the Panasonic FS-FD1A or Philips NMS-1200 disk drive.

Por sd_snatcher

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05-01-2018, 20:26

Tip: The National CF-3300 is the perfect machine for this kind of test. (In fact, also for running anything related to MSX1).

It has 64KB of continuous RAM and a built-in 720KB drive.

Por Thom

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08-01-2018, 22:19

keith56 wrote:

I am not some AAA elite demo coder , I'm just one average guy developing in my spare time.

I disagree. You must be a very talented coder/artist, as it's hard to make a game. And you're doing that for 3 systems (4 with V9990) at the same time, all by yourself. That's awesome. And you only started learning assembly in 2016 oO

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