Considering Rune Worth fan-translation -- anyone interested?

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Por The_Engineer

Master (167)

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11-09-2017, 11:41

Thanks! Let me give the disassembler a spin tonight to see how the text is stored in the game.

Por wyrdwad

Paladin (846)

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11-09-2017, 11:50

Sweet! Thanks! Wink I look forward to what you're able to find out!


Por Sylvester

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11-09-2017, 12:09

Btw, did you already checked this site: ? it contains a partial translation from Django.

Por wyrdwad

Paladin (846)

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11-09-2017, 16:51

Yeah, but that's pretty unusable. All it does is translate menus and items and such, but it changes all the names to what the items do rather than preserving the in-game lore by keeping the unique names for everything ("Zan Rikche" for healing items, for example), and shortens most other names into abbreviated versions of themselves.

It strays pretty far from what I'm looking to do here.


Por fernando.collazo.5682

Master (251)

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13-09-2017, 18:35

I think Final Fantasy will be more easier to translate since there are plenty of patches for Famicom version and of course the official english version for NES.
Anyway Rune Worth is a excelente game too!

Por Sama

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13-09-2017, 19:03

wyrdwad wrote:

Hmm. I can't recall seeing posts by a user named Rikusu on here before. Does this person still post on MRC?


Rikusu was my former nickname here Wink.

Por wyrdwad

Paladin (846)

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14-09-2017, 02:18

Well then! Good to see you're still around. Wink Are you the one I hear is in possession of a partial translation of Rune Worth from several years back? Or is that someone else?

Fernando: Obviously Final Fantasy would be the easier game to translate! But the whole point of this is to make available a game non-Japanese speakers have never been able to fully enjoy before. Final Fantasy does not fall into that category.

Also, The_Engineer contacted me via email, and seems to have made really good progress, particularly having only worked on this for two days! So it looks like there's hope for this project yet. Wink

I think my first order of business -- as a "proof of concept," so to speak -- will be to translate the game's intro, since I have a video I can pull up on YouTube and easily reference. If I have the time, I intend to attempt this soon, as a means of "breaking the ice."

Let's see just how much of a wall this game puts up! Heheh.


Por Feiraco

Master (129)

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20-09-2017, 10:25

A translation would be truly magnificent!! I recall playing this game for a short while in the 1990s, but not understanding a clue of the Japanese language prevented me from progressing. You do have all my support as well :-)

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