This is gonna hurt

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Por Meits

Scribe (6476)

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13-07-2017, 21:32

For people who uploaded there from the start, it's a cup of sour yogurt to move their hundreds, if not thousands of pictures elsewhere. I guess photobucket chose the way of the dodo.

Por Louthrax

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13-07-2017, 21:43

Poltergeist wrote:

That photobucket thingie is a change on Photobucket: you now have to pay at least USD 100,00 a year if you want to link from external sites... A great way to loose users fast, I think... I'm also really curious about what you did.

Will create a new thread in the general forums after moving my pictures (I maybe exceeded some quotas on Photobucket... as Meits mentionned, that might be a clever way to make you pay after you uploaded 100+ pictures!).

Por luppie

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13-07-2017, 23:13

I can promise you that will be free for MSX users as long as I'm physically and mentally able to host it :D

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