MSX TR ST for sale

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Por dragonmarce

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15-04-2017, 17:34

I agree with Daniel.
My dream is to have an MSX TR GT but I know the prices are impossible. The price of these machines is not very economical and, with exceptions, there is no way to have them if it is not from Japan.

All the machines that I bought from Daniel, without exaggerating, look like new.
None of these machines gave me any problems and these machines work like the first day.

It is also not easy and it takes time to leave these machines in the aesthetic state that can be seen in this MSX TR ST. In Brazil you can get some (I live in Argentina) and the prices there are higher than those published by Daniel. And aesthetically it is not easy to find like the one in the photo.

Personally I do not buy an MSX (which are not common these days) if this is not restored by Daniel: quality assurance.

Greetings to all
  (And sorry for my poor English, the Google translator helped!)

Por luppie

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15-04-2017, 19:42

Last month I imported a FS-A1GT from Japan.

Here are the costs that were involved to get this machine:

Auction + Fee : € 490,00
Shipping : € 86,04
VAT + Importfee : € 120,00
230V Transformer : € 20,00
Drivebelt: € 2,50

Total : € 718,54
To me this was a bargain, but it took almost 6 months to win an auction with a price below € 500,-
(many times a GT auction finishes on € 600 and higher)

In my opinion the prices from Daniel are really reasonable especially the good service from Daniel is an extra when buying from him.

Por Meits

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15-04-2017, 19:36

A friend of mine bought a very well conserved ST with 230V and 512K for just 450 just yesterday.
With some patience and jumping on it on the right time it's still possible to get one for a fair price... Oh, and you need some luck as well... Wink

Por Grauw

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15-04-2017, 22:14

My GT from Yahoo Auctions also added up to >€600 a few years back, probably over €700 if I include the power converter that I bought later to replace the cheapo Chinese 110V one I had before. And prices have gone up since. It’s in great condition though, really happy with it!

Por htdreams

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22-04-2017, 22:06

I have to add also my own experience, i bought a turboR ST, upgraded to 512ks, with working disk drive, all keys operational, and manuals & box & poly & system disks from yahoo auctions via

The auction ended at 384 euros (really a bargain nowadays), but with fees, preparing the box with very good protection package, sending it via SAL (i usually send items bought from japan via surface, it takes longer, but is cheaper) and finally customs fee (about 23,5% of total price) for a final of 596 euros... and this after several months of watching yahoo auctions in

So, the computers sold by Daniel are a really good choice, and they are not expensive, if you take into account all time waiting, searching, hoping for not finding any problems, and having a nice working MSX :-D

Por daniel683104

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10-05-2017, 21:08

computer sold.

Por dhau

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13-05-2017, 01:24

Inflation since 2000 decreased cash value by about 38% I think, so 100 euro in 2000 is 145 euro today. But it seems retro stuff appreciates faster then inflation. I got TurboR GT in box with manuals for 250 euros about 13 years ago. Today it would probably cost me 700 or more. Still not much for such a great computer. Similar to a pristine Atari Falcon 030 that I got for 200$ in 2002 with 14mb ram, 68882 fpu and ide hdd kit. Now I see them selling for 1500-2000$. This ia why I can't even afford to buy any new retro stuff anymore. I now have fun with ancient Macs, they are treated like ewaste, i.e. 50 cents per pound. If I offer 60$, I can get whatever mac I want... Sorry for rambling, have a fntabulous weekend, everyone!

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