MSX Club Magazine - old magazines scanned

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Por ro

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10-08-2016, 14:33

Ah, great. And news-worthy (frontpage news)

Por Frederik Dumarey

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15-08-2016, 10:03

Really great news!
I wrote an article/program "Demomaker" when I was 16 years old for the MSX Club, and found it back in number 29 Tongue

I used to live in Ostend then, and now in Diest, not far away from Herselt Smile Would love to be able to meet some of the guys that I had on the phone 25 years ago Cool

PS: still own my NMS-8280 Philips system Wink

Por Manuel

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15-08-2016, 19:20

Cool to hear that Frederik! What made you make this post, I wonder? Or are you checking this site regularly?

Por wimpie3

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10-09-2016, 11:20

I'm happy to announce that ALL 44 magazines have now been scanned and are available on the website.

I would have liked to put much more stuff online (other books from the club, software, etc...) but unfortunately almost everything has been lost.

Por mars2000you

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10-09-2016, 11:38

Great work! Smile

The software (DSK files named with .di1 or .di2 extension) can be found on the double CD-ROM provided with the final edition of MCCM.

Por wimpie3

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23-09-2016, 09:01

Thanks @mars2000you.

All disk images have now been added (thanks Manuel!). They are all downloadable or playable "live" in the WebMSX emulator.

Also added the Workshop4MSX compilation book (disks & PDF). More coming soon.

Por Grauw

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23-09-2016, 09:25

Very awesome!

Por TheKid

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23-09-2016, 11:57

@Wimpie3: Allereerst bedankt voor het vele werk. Ik heb een verzoekje. Is het mogelijk om op de site een zipfile (of torrent) te plaatsen met alle pdfs erin. Zou handig zijn voor mensen, zoals mijzelf, die alle pdfs willen hebben en niet dik 40 pdfs willen open, en dan te saven.

Por evulopah

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23-09-2016, 17:10

Kom op, 20 minuutjes klikken en je hebt ze allemaal. Weet je hoeveel uren werk dat inscannen kost!

Por meits

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23-09-2016, 19:14

Or uninstall adobe reader. Your browser will save it for you...
Or find them in your temp files...

Now... Someone needs to OCR the files... That would give this gift an extra plus Smile

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