Pimp my PSG #4 - Ulises by FranSX

Pimp my PSG #4 - Ulises by FranSX

por Jorito en 17-04-2016, 11:31
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True to form, FranSX gives us another arrangement of a Spanish MSX game for the Pimp my PSG challenge. This time he chose do create an arrangement from the game Ulises by Opera Soft. As FranSX says himself, "the MSX version of this title is a bad game converted from Spectrum, but the main music is, without doubt, the best of this game.". FranSX created a Moonsound version of the game's theme and intentionally kept it simple. He did however sampled a mandolin for this song to liven things up a bit.

There's 2 more weeks left before the Pimp my PSG deadline. You have until May 1st to send in your own entry and fight for fame and fortune!

Relevant link: Pimp my PSG - Ulises by FranSX

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Por mesiasmsx

Prophet (3405)

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18-04-2016, 21:31

Me encanta!

Por fransx

Supporter (14)

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19-04-2016, 20:33

You can watch a video with PSG an Moonsound versions here: Ulises PSG&Moonsound

Por ToriHino

Paladin (759)

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19-04-2016, 20:52

Nice! And what's the music during your end credits?

Por fransx

Supporter (14)

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20-04-2016, 23:14

Is the music for my next entry ;-)